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Web Design Process (Web Design India)

Web Design India

The Web Design Process Start To Finish.

Web designing is not easy process and takes a lot of planning and brainstorming. If a website has to be commercially successful, the web designing team needs to take efforts to conceptualize and craft the website’s visuals so as to match the client expectations.

To be quite honest, deciding the structure of a website is a dedicated process and comprises of several steps that help the designing team to come up with a competent and functioning website.

A professional website design company in India uses this certain set of steps to accomplish a high quality and aesthetically attractive website.

Following are the stages are followed by a website design company:

  • Abstract View : This is where the client gives you a rough idea as to how their website should look like. As it says, this is an abstract view of how the website should look in its overall form. The abstract point of view gives you an overall idea as to how the website should look like and what additional or special functionalities you can add into it. You can say, it is the stage previous to prototyping the website design.

  • Information Gathering : This stage delves more into the core details of the client so that you can get a perfect idea as how to craft the website in a more detailed manner. This mainly involves finding out, who your client is, who are their target customers, who are their competition and what is their overall budget.

  • Total Research : This involved doing your fair share of research for the client website design which included how intelligently they have used their keywords, how does the markup on the website goes and how is the overall design affecting their aesthetics. Now you can also compare the client website design with the website design of their rivals on the given points and find out how and where they have gone wrong. This comparative research gives you a deep insight and helps you in analyzing the shortcomings.

  • Wireframes And Mock Design : A wireframe is a design prototyping method that helps you to determine how the actual website would look like. This is composed of horizontal, vertical and crossed lines that mimic actual content and design. A mock design on the other hand is a web design prototype that helps you determine whether the adapted idea is going to work or not.

  • Implementation : This is the stage where you implement the idea and see whether it really works. The implementation stage is where you actually put the end concept of the website into practice and that is where you deliver the product.

  • Design Completion : After the final product delivery, the website templates are passed to the client and the designing team keeps a tab on the website’s analytics.

These steps are crucial for a successful web designing project where you have to not only deliver them a high quality website but also keep a check on how it performs.

You can sum it up as a total process where researching into the client’s current website design and the performance of the rival website is pivotal to the overall success of the website.

We ensure that we leave no stone unturned in creating a highly aesthetic and intelligently designed website for our clients.

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