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Pay Per Click (PPC) Process


PPC or pay per click is an online marketing method where a website or a business advertises itself on a pay for every click basis to Google or to any other search engine.

Pay per click management is a way by which the content for a website is created which is shows up on those keyword triggered advertisements on the search results. This is where content creation and paid Google advertisement come in contact with each other.

Before pay per click campaigns are initiated, they have to go through the following steps.

  • Initial Consultation : This is where we consult our clients about what are their goals and plans are and for how long do they plan to implement the whole PPC campaign. This gives us an idea about their budget and the nature of their PPC marketing goal.
  • Understanding Our Clients : Knowing from the clients about their business and the nature of their website helps us decide how to craft their PPC campaign and what keywords we need to use in order to gain maximum traction out of the campaign.
  • Understanding Strategy Of Competitors : Knowing your competitor to surpass your competitor is one of the most important things that need to be done so that you know where exactly you are working towards. When you know your competitor it saves a lot of time and effort to get successful with the PPC campaigns.
  • Crafting Your Landing Page : We build a strong credibility of your landing page by creating content that genuinely appeals to the sentiments of your prospective clients. We do not use catchy phrases like ‘we are number 1’. We are fairly creative in creating compelling and genuine PPC content.
  • Conducting Split Tests : We carry daily split tests of your landing pages in order to check if the PPC is working and whether does it need any improvement.

Technowebsy is expert in carrying out successful PPC campaigns and has gained a good number of clients as a result. We can guarantee you not only a successful PPC campaign, but also a one that has lasting effects.

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