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Creative logo design Process


A logo is part of all the factors that comprise the visual identity of a brand. In this day and age where visuals and graphics hold a greater power more than ever before, a brand aiming for high success cannot be complacent with its logo.

Therefore, roping in a professional logo designer who knows his job well, understands client expectations and most importantly fuses creativity with subtle communication is a serious necessity.

Any professional logo designing company in Mumbai worth its salt would not just start by drawing random shapes and colours, but would take a series of decisions and undergo certain stages that help make information more definite and condensed.

Following is a near perfect estimation of what steps are usually followed when one wants to design a high quality logo for a client.

  • Basic Briefing : This where the logo designer tries to get basic information about the client company such as what exactly the produce/offer and what values they follow. The logo designer tries to know whether the new logo should reflect the organization values or they should. They try to understand what kind of logo the company would prefer if they are looking for an entirely new logo. Or whether they are fine with the older design base but only want to make some significant changes here and there.
  • Research : This involves offering client some basic parameters of information that would help them decide what kind of logo he wants to have. This may include translating intangible information such as values or beliefs in pictorial representations. The logo designer also offers ideas such as using the client’s geographical area as a logo which only helps in generating more creativity and ideas for the client. This process may also include researching rival company’s logos and trying to build something that matches their creativity.
  • Rough Drawing : As the name is a clear give away, this stage includes the process of drawing rough diagrams and trying out newer logo designs that can possibly fit the client expectations and the values of his brand. This stage can be explained as a visual ‘trial and error’ stage where you do all the brainstorming with shapes, colours, shades and all sorts of visual creativity before finally arriving at the final products.
  • Taking A Break : This is where the logo designing team resigns itself temporarily from the logo designing assignment which helps them to come up better ideas and corrections in the current logo design. This is more like a retrospective stage where taking a break from the particular logo designing project helps gaining a fresh insight into the work.
  • Client Feedback : The design is delivered to the client, who takes a review, understands it and finally gets back to you with approval or disapproval of the logo design. Here, the client will usually give you written notes on what changes need to be done which the logo designing team needs to understand aptly.
  • Final Delivery : The logo is complete and delivered as a final product to the client after a round of deliberations, discussions and error corrections. The logo is delivered either in EPS, JPEG or TIF formats. You may also deliver another black and white copy of the logo. It is usually better to deliver all sorts of copies of the logo that the client may possibly prefer.
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